About Us

Smart Choice Realty LLC is the #1 discount, full service real estate business in southeast Wisconsin. We offer a full range for services including first time home buyers, discount listings, commercial, selling your home with an option, free comparable market analysis, and real estate investors services.

Since I started Smart Choice Realty LLC, I have seen how the real estate market has continued to evolve. Back then, clients wanting to have an open house led to costly ads in the weekend newspaper. Today, effective real estate advertisements are done all online which is more cost-effective if not free. And yet, larger real estate companies continue to charge their clients the same 5-8% commission.

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My name is Gary Stahler. I am the Broker/Owner of Smart Choice Realty LLC. I have been in the real estate business since 2002. I started Smart Choice Realty LLC in 2004 after working for Coldwell Banker for two years.

After becoming a realtor, it didn't take me long to realize how expensive it was for an individual to sell their home. So, I started Smart Choice Realty LLC to help clients sell their home with a service that will fall within their budget means.


Smart Choice Realty LLC’s core objective is to price your home based on the current market value and passing the savings on to you.