Smart Choice Realty LLC wants to pay you for listing your home. You read that right. We pay you for allowing us to list your home. For a long time, brokers have worked very hard to convince people that you should pay them to list your home either up front or at closing. Even the For Sale by Owner companies charge you for their “help.” We are trying to change this opinion. After all, your listing is valuable.


Smart Choice Realty LLC is offering a program where we pay you to list your home up front whether your home sells or not. That’s right! You keep the money even if your home doesn’t sell.

How does the program work? Smart Choice Realty LLC would inspect and evaluate your home and then offer to buy an option to purchase. You agree to allow us to market and show your home (basically the same agreement as a regular listing) to potential buyers. If Smart Choice Realty LLC finds a buyer willing to purchase your property, we will exercise our option to purchase it, and sell it to the buyer(s) we find. If we don’t find a buyer, you keep the money we paid you, and list your property with whomever you choose. This is the same as a regular listing that did not sell, except you got paid for the option to purchase. This type of agreement has been occurring for many years in the commercial real estate arena, but not within residential. We ask, why not?

GET PAID for you listing, DON’T GIVE IT AWAY.

So how does Smart Choice Realty LLC make money? Well, we have to sell your home for more money than we agreed to pay you for it. Who do you think would work harder to sell your home, a broker who has already put his own money up to get to list your home or a broker who’s only investment is having you sign a contract stating that if your home sells, then you own him money?

What do you have to lose?

You may not be thinking about moving now. However, when you are ready – or if you have friends and family that are looking for a realtor – please give us a call.